Trying to extend stay as visitor in Canada
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Hello! I've used MetaFilter before in regards to immigration help and everyone here has always been so helpful! I am currently in Canada under a visitor status that runs out on May 24th, however, I'd like to extend my stay until September 30th so I can experience the Summer. I have enough money in my bank account to support myself or transportation back home if I need to go ASAP. For the most part of my stay, my boyfriend had been supporting me anyways.<

So far for the application I've submitted both our bank statements for the past 5 months, my passport, and digital photo of self. The application is asking me to provide as much as I possibly can for means of support. So, I was thinking about him writing a letter to show that he is supporting me for the extended stay here and anything else that I might need, however, I'm not too sure how he should go about writing the letter. Like, what sort of details should be provided in the letter to show its integrity?
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Applications made from within the country are different from those made from the outside, but the letter your talking about is a formal Thing. It's called a letter of invitation.

The web site lists formal requirements, but generally the letter also includes some actual "here's what's going on" information (in your case that you would like to experience summer...which when I write that out makes me wonder if you come from a place with no summer?...maybe you want to be clearer on what you mean by that..e.g. maybe you weren't able to roadtrip in winter weather and would like to see more of the surrounding bits of the country or whatever).
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