Meeee ... meeeeeeee ... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm looking for YouTube links to gutbuster moments of comedy (television or movie clips, bits of comedians' routines) ... comedy centering around someone(s) whose self-centeredness and selfishness has grown so outlandish that you cannot help but laugh at them. It can be over-the-top or surreal ("meeee! meeee! meeeeeeeeeeee!"). Or, to put it another way, I'm looking for video clips to use as a tool towards shrugging off stress caused by dealing with self-centered people.
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Kristen Wiig as "Penelope" on Saturday Night Live
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As well as Kristen Wiig in the movie Welcome to Me.
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The James Corden crosswalk musicals.
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Here are some examples of awful people from my beloved Everything Is Terrible:
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You and Me (But Mostly Me) from the Book of Mormon.
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Everyone’s a Hero from Dr Horrible.
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The ep "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" from season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gives Cordelia a line that fits this pretty perfectly.

C'est Moi from Camelot?
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Mr. Bean? It's pretty much the definition of completely self-centered protagonist + gut-busting comedy.

There is not too much on Youtube but if by chance you have an Amazon Prime account it is all available there.
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You're basically talking about Hyacinth Bucket in the classic British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. Enjoy!
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For a literal 'me me meeee' moment, here is a clip of the self-centered writer from P.D.Q. Bach's A Little Nightmare Music (shout-out to Joyce Kilmer and John Denver):

For poems are made by folks like me (hey)
But God can only make a tree
Yes God can only make a tree
Poems are made by folks like me

mememememememememememememememememeeeee, talkin bout MEEEEEEEEEE
(wHOO - thank God I'm a country boy)
MEEEEE, yes me
you better believe it
don't you forget it
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Watch a couple of episodes of "Lead Balloon" on YouTube.
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This is old enough that the young whippersnappers may not have seen it, but John Lithgow as the High Commander in Third Rock from the Sun is overweening ego taken to absurd extremes. And as a bonus, in many scenes he is playing off Jane Curtin. (Sorry that I can't recall specific scenes.)
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