Portable speaker for iPhone 8, challenge: no bluetooth
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I am helping an older relative here and hoping for some advice. He used to have a portable speaker he loved to use with his prior iPhone (which had 1/8" audio headphones jack, not lightning cable). Is there such a thing as a portable, wired speaker with a lightning connection? Bluetooth would theoretically work, but it always requires some fiddling, and this is for an older person with very little tolerance for troubleshooting. Bonus if this speaker can draw power from the iPhone and doesn't require a separate charger. Thanks!
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This is the first thing that came up with a google search for "iphone speaker lighting portable". Looks nice, runs on batteries and even has a remote! I also think if you removed speaker and put in "dock", you might get some good results as well.
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You could use something like this to effectively make the speaker compatible with the iPhone.

I agree that Bluetooth is too fiddly for this application.
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Get a lightning-to-3.5mm adapter and keep using the old speaker.
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Apple's headphone jack adapter. $9. Turns your lighting jack into a headphone jack. Now you can use your old speaker. Problem solved, unless I'm missing something?
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You can get a combo Lightning and 3.5mm adapter if he would like to charge the phone while listening.
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What about something that amplifies the sound from the phone with no power or cables, like this As Seen on TV version? If he's not particular about sound quality, that would be a super simple solution.

I have no idea how well these work - I just thought of it because I almost got one in a gift exchange last year and had it stolen from me at the last minute.
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