Help me see fun photos again.
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At some point in the last year, I have become unable to see pictures that friends post using Instagram to Facebook. I would really like to see my friends fun pictures.

What I will see is "Monica x posted 5 photos with Mr. Monica, Uncle Monica" complete with whatever text they wrote, but NO pictures. Its really frustrating. I signed up for Instagram, added it to Facebook, I enabled everything I can think to enable. If I click through to their albums its the same things, I get the empty icon you get when you don't have permission to see something, but its everyone literally with instagram and people I know and like and who have looked at it on their end.

It is the same on my laptop and on my phone. It started happening after I moved to Japan, but I am on a military base, in case it somehow informs answers.

Did me or my baby accidentally click a setting somewhere I can't find? This seems a little trivial, but moving so often because of this whole military thing means that this is really how everyone I know stays in each others lives. Any ideas?
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I'm confused. You're getting non-loading Instagram photos on Facebook? What happens if you open the Instagram app itself from your phone's apps?
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