What should I check out in New Orleans?
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I will be in New Orleans for conference, next week, with just a little bit of spare time - what should I make sure I see/do?

Staying near the French Quarter (but not in it). Staying next to the river, near the Outlet Riverwalk Collection and the Spanish Plaza. Most interested in things I could walk to but a short cab ride is not out of the question. While I have a pretty wide ranging interest anything that lends itself to photography is a bonus. Thanks!
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My review of our trip to New Orleans a couple of years ago might give you some ideas.
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There are people out there who know a lot more than me about New Orleans but I think Cochon Butcher - which is close to you - is a can't-miss if you like meat and/or beer. Might be a bit crowded/bit of a wait but once you get sat they're going to treat you like family and delicious smoked and cured meats and local craft beers are going to arrive and you are never ever going to want to leave.

On a much more downscale note, I also really enjoy sitting in Jackson Square in the evening with a beer watching people go by. There are a lot of sights and music drifting around and it (mostly) smells nice and there are a lot of things and people to photograph.
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How much spare time are we talking - and at what time of day?
-Antoine's has a lunch menu that is reasonably priced and exquisite!
-Cochon has some incredible muffaleta.

If you have some daylight time, try to schedule a walking tour in the French Quarter. We used the Bone Lady and she was a lot of fun.
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...and of course, if you can swing it, get some chicory coffee to go with your beignet at Cafe du Monde!!!!!
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When you have a few hours, just walk to the Quarter and slouch down Royal Street holding the beverage of your choice. Bars I can vouch for (relatively grungy, all): One Eyed Jack's, the Chart Room, Cosimo's at the back of the Quarter, the Apple Barrel on Frenchman, Coop's Place, get a Pimm's Cup from Napoleon House. The only thing I would bother with on Bourbon is Preservation Hall. Sit at the river, across the street from Jackson Square is a good place, and watch the boats. Don't rush anywhere.

It's the only place in this world I enjoy being day drunk.
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I spent a few hours sitting in Jackson Square listening to musicians, taking pictures, and buying them beer. Then I got invited to get po-boys with them. It was an A+ way to spend my afternoon.
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The New Orleans cemeteries are amazing and good to photograph. My favorite is Metairie, but St. Roch is a close second.
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If you have any interest in tiki, do not miss an opportunity to visit Beachbum Berry's restaurant & bar Latitude 29.
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