Copper retinning in the Washington DC region?
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Looking for recommendations for metalsmiths who re-tin copper pots and pans.

I've got some vintage copper cookware that needs retinning and I'm having trouble finding businesses in the Washington DC area to do it. I know I can ship the pots to various wonderful places (and some "retinners" do just that) but I'd like to find a place that does on-site tinning to keep the costs manageable.

Can anyone recommend a place within driving distance (50 miles or so) of DC that does retinning work?

Thank you in advance!
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I searched about this a while back, and one place I came up with was Metro Plating in Kensington. They do re-tinning I believe.
posted by Fortran at 7:06 AM on April 1, 2018

Thanks Fortran -- you are correct, they do retinning in-house, which is what I was hoping. Their prices are higher than that of Rocky Mountain and East Coast but with the elimination of shipping charges it's a better deal for me. Thanks for the reference -- I'm not sure why I couldn't find them on my own!
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