Vegan Chocolate Covered Candy Bar
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Are there any vegan chocolate brands that attempt to taste like conventional American candy bars? I love all varieties of chocolate but mostly have fancier dark chocolate bars with figs, almonds and sea salt. Are there brands that offer reasonably good approximations of milk chocolate candy bars like Kit-Kats or Snickers?

Let's assume peanut butter cups are represented.

Oh and please no referendums on American chocolate, that is the flavor I'm looking for and I know it isn't everyone's favorite.
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Here's the comprehensive list of ethical vegan chocolate for people to scroll through to see if anything looks like it meets the criteria.

Ocho is the closest I can think of offhand, but they're on the "not recommended" list.
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Best answer: Real cheap:
Chick-o-Sticks - think of the center of a butterfinger with a dusting of coconut
Goldenberg's Peanut Chews - peanuts in a molasses chew covered in a dark chocolate

A small company named Go Max Go makes vegan candy bars (though they're made on shared equipment, so if you have a problem with traces, they're a non starter)

Justin's Peanut Butter also makes some candy items, including a dark chocolate peanut butter cup.
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Best answer: Jokerz bars! Exact vegan snickers replica!!! The brand that makes those makes a vegan mounds bar and Milky Way as well.
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FWIW, I find the Justin's peanut butter cup an absolute disappointment. They're a perfect case of the "no, wait, I wanted something crappier!" phenomenon. Even the (not-vegan) milk chocolate one, but especially the (vegan) dark one.
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Best answer: The Unreal Candy company makes peanut-butter cups and other varieties that fit your criteria, taste very much like traditional candy bars, and are not too fancy (excepting, perhaps, the price). They used to make a fantastic Snickers-like bar; sadly, it no longer appears on their web site and I haven’t seen one in a while.
And I agree with hollyholly about Justin’s pb cups!
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Best answer: I like Justin's peanut butter cups, but they're not like Reese's really. They're their own thing.

The closest, most reliable candy analog is the Go Max line. I like the Twilight (rip off Milky Way) and my partner likes the Jokers.

We also like Peanut Chews.
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Response by poster: Hell yeah. Thanks everyone. I agree about Justin's fwiw.
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Goldenberg's Peanut Chews - peanuts in a molasses chew covered in a dark chocolate

I am not vegan and I LOVE these things. They're amazing. I had no clue they were vegan. Recommended.
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I have found a lot of the on-the-shelf products to be somewhat disappointing in the past. I've been making my own vegan chocolate bark for ages now and never gone back... I guess I am hooked, but I have not tasted some of the products people have mentioned. Good luck in your search!
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