Mown grass beer?
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I had a farmer's ale that tasted like a freshly mown lawn. Can a home brewer recreate this? If so, how?
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Maybe looking into how jester King Brewery works can provide you some inspiration?
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Yes! Though it's usually regarded as an off-flavor to be avoided. So, uh, do the opposite of the things suggested there.
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If you're working from kits or recipes, try shooting for a saison style (Belgian farmhouse) beer using lots of fresh "wet" hops (or "leaf" hops, instead of pellets) of a low-alpha variety (I like Mosaic or Mt. Hood for this) in the last quarter of the boil, and a generous dry hop addition after primary fermentation, will probably do the trick. If you let it ferment a little warm (65F -ish) you'll also get lots of fruity notes that may complement the flavor.

Good luck!
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Peak's appropriately named "Fresh Cut" also brings to mind freshly cut grass to me -- and I kinda like it. According to the Peak Brewing site "Fresh Cut is a dry-hopped pilsner. Chinook, Citra and Centennial hops provide aromas of citrus, grass and spice." I wonder if one of those specific hops is what either adds to that smell or the aroma?The description of the Chinook hops on this site seems closest to that smell.
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When you say "farmer's ale" do you mean, something a guy was selling at the farmer's market? Or was it a beer whose style was noted as "farmhouse ale" or the like?

If the former, ask the guy.

If the latter, look for "saison" style beers. They tend to taste more "wild" and often have grass notes.
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Fresh grass scent is Cis 3 Hexenal, so you might look for complimentary ingredients that have a lot of it. You can get purified versions but as far as I know not at a cost that makes sense for home brewers.
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Bale Breaker Brewing co, from Yakima Wa. does this pretty well. Top Cutter and Fresh off the Farm both have grassy notes that I enjoy.
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