In search of my ideal sports bra
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Help me find the perfect sports bra. I wear a size 40G and have the worst time finding a sports bra that fits my needs.

I’ve found many sports bras aren’t sized using band and cup size and don’t fit me well. Typically they are too small in the cups and/or too large in band area. I want one that fits really well.

My wants are:
- great fit for my size (40G)
- easy to take on and off
- doesn’t have wires or hooks or zippers
- is soft and stretchy

On the last point, it’s fine and maybe even preferred if it only offers minimal or light support. I don’t want this for anything high impact, but at my size I’ve found that’s a selling point for most sports bras. I don’t want to feel overly bound by it. I just want something that gives me some basic shape and actually fits.

When I was a smaller size I really liked the “as seen on tv” Genie bra for this but they don’t fit as well for me now.

I am in the US in a large city and am willing to order online.
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How about these Fruit of the Loom bras.
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Breast nest? I've heard good things about them from well endowed friends.
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You want unless you are not in the US in which case you want My partner is well endowed and has purchased all of their bras from Figleaves over the past decade, including a singularly impressive piece of "sport bra" apparatus that allowed jumping jacks with minimal motion.
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Have you tried the Enell?
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Do you want it for actual sportsing, or for just hanging around?

If it is actual sportsing, I'm reasonably comfortable saying that you're not going to find an easy fitting light duty bra without hardware that is sized for you, I can't find one at 36 G either. And you really need more support than light duty for real sports or workouts.

If you are looking for something more like a Genie Bra, but is actually sized for a cup larger than DD, the term to use when searching is "lesiure bra." From first hand experience, Glamorise has some nice options with some shaping and minimal hardware for those in need of larger cup sizes. There are other brands with similar offerings. Also consider some of the less structured nursing bras. If this is your preferred category, Enell is not what you want, even if it looks as if it might be. They're great for heavy duty support, not a lesiure bra at all.
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Chiming in to emphasize that if it is a sportsing bra you’re after, Enell is the only choice. But Enells hook-and-eye you from the base of your sternum all the way up to your clavicle, so - while they are not uncomfortable to wear - they are definitely not designed for lounging around the house.
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I'm 36DD and have a couple from these people and they are great. They are comfortable and look nice.

For high impact, which you are saying you don't want but might be helpful for a someday reader, the only choice is really Enell as far as I've been able to discover. I will pass on the handy Amazon review tip about Enell, which is 'lie down on your back to fasten it'.

I have 'house bras' from a previous AskMe: they are these. They are like pajamas.
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Title Nine is great for sports bras. They are honest and clear on how much support to expect from each style.
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For many years--like, decades now--I have gotten my bras from Decent Exposures. They are made to measure, and vary in support from very, very light (in a pure cotton) to velour that is moderately supportive--these are definitely not the bras you wear for high-impact sports, or to get a perfect line under clothes, but they are so freaking comfortable and did I mention made to measure? I have found it helpful to call them and talk about sizing, and what I'm looking for in terms of use. They'll be able to help you figure out if any of their bras will be suitable for you.

I am very large-breasted; I think my last bras were an I-cup. I can't find bras even at specialty shops that cater to large cup sizes, at least not if I want to be comfortable at all. I'm doomed if Decent Exposures ever goes out of business.
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I’m similarly endowed and wear Panache wireless sports bras. They still have lots of hooks and are pretty constricting, but are the most comfortable athletic type bras I’ve found in G+ cup sizes. I’ve been looking for something more like what you describe for lower impact workouts, so please fill us in if you find anything
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Nthing title ix and decent exposures.
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I want to love Title 9 but they do not sell any bras in G cups; to the best of my searching ability their largest side is DDD/F. I speak as a bitter 32G.

I think your best bet is probably a Decent Exposures setup, as mentioned above.
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