Please help me identify this statue
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I ran across this pretty statue which I'd love to have for my garden. Unfortunately its owner doesn't know anything about it. I'm guessing it may be a Hindu deity but I could be completely wrong.

Does anyone know what it represents, or even which culture it is from? I'd love to know more about it.

I found pictures of the same or a very similar statues from Google but they didn't have any information about it.

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Kuan yin!
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My guess is actually Buddhist, Chinese, a Bodhisattva. Probably Guanyin because it's kind of always Guanyin.
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This site uses a photo of Kuan Yin that looks very much like your photo.
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Here she is in, apparently, Seattle.
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Here she is in a catalog. Look at the fourth page at the top.
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I didn't see you are in Santa Cruz! You can find her at the Pot Stop along Hwy 1 near Moss Landing.
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Thank you all! You're all amazing.

It's great learning about Guanyin and now that I know what it represents I like the statue even more.

Also, thanks for the tip agatha_magatha, I'll definitely go by the Pot Stop when I get a chance.
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