Rockin' Chicago like the state fair
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Our kid is enamored with the Cooking Channel's Carnival Eats. He loves the over-the-top fair foods the show features: weird permutations of pizza, burgers, hot dogs, tacos, etc. with heaps of cheese and bacon, lots of frying, and clever/stupid (it's a fine line) collisions of cuisines. The dessert stuff is even more up his alley. We're going to spend a few days traipsing around Chicago around next month and we'd like to hit a few places that might serve loony food that's right up his alley. Suggestions?

FWIW, the kid himself is nine years old, lean, healthy, and usually eats a fairly balanced diet. We're trying to let him cut loose a bit, so that he has stops on our mini-Chicago trip to look forward to as well. (I'm thinking stuff like the fruity pebbles churros at La Bodega del Barrio would be about right.)

He eats most things except spicy stuff, and doesn't get too into fish/seafood. And again, he gets most excited about sweet treats. (Which he eats with a hilarious amount of restraint and moderation. "Dad, can I have some Oreos?" "Sure, how many?" "One." But I digress.)

And finally, our family doesn't live in Chicago, but we sure enough live in the greater Chicagoland area. He's had Chicago dogs, italian beefs, deep dish pizza, etc. on a regular basis. Most of the regional delicacies are long since checked off his bucket list. That won't pique his interest at all.

We're looking for loony, one-of-a-kind items. Things that ought not be fried, but are. Bacon where bacon should not be. Sundaes or cookies that involve absurd combinations of things. In short, the kind of junk food goodness they hook you with at the fair.
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50 Epic Desserts to Eat in Chicago Before You Die. Also, Jimmy's Pizza Cafe does fantastic New York-style pizza and New Orleans beignets.
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Margie's Candies is good for excessive amounts of ice cream
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Also -- check out this thread for other places to check out, not specific to candy/sweets/food, but ...
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Do-Rite Donuts does a chicken sandwich on a glazed donut bun, I believe, which is definitely the type of thing you’d see at a state fair. Joy Yee in Chinatown does bubble waffle with a crazy amount/combo of toppings, and Parlor Pizza Bar in the West Loop does dessert tacos that are also pretty over the top. Big G’s Pizza (in University Village) does pizza with toppings like mac n cheese. Those are a few off the top of my head, I’ll come back if I can think of any more!
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Seconding Rainbow Cone, on the top 50 list that WCityMike posted.
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Not crazy food, necessarily, but if you can get a car you might enjoy the authentic drive-in ambience of Superdawg.
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Dimo's has many interesting pizzas (menu), such as Chicken and Waffles.
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Just thought of another one - Uncle Julio’s does a chocolate piñata that you can crack open with a wooden stick and various fruits/mini churros come spilling out. Definitely a fun and yummy experience (it does take a while for them to make, so don’t go for this one if you’re in a hurry).
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Rolled ice cream!
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Taco in a Bag is another possibility.
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