Shinkansen Cab Ride Video
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There are tons of train cab ride/ driver's view videos on youtube, but I've only been able to find this one shot on board a shinkansen (Tokyo -> Nagano). Is this the only one, or are there others which have escaped my search?

I've tried translating "shinkansen" to Japanese and searching for that, but haven't found any more (note: there's this one posted with a Japanese title, but it's actually the same as the Tokyo -> Nagano one I linked above).
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I found this one (Nagano → Kanazawa according to Google Translate).

Isolating the translation of the words "Shinkansen - Driver's seat perspective image" from the title of that video, I used "新幹線・運転席展望映像" ((my apologies for botching together bits from Google Translate! hopefully this truly and only means what I think it means!)) to find many other good results. Try this search! Here's another good result Kanazawa → Nagano.
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Sweet - thanks!
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