CV examples for professionals moving from self-employment to employment?
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I recently stumbled across a job I'm very qualified for and would be interested in if the money was amazing, so I'd like to apply. I love helping other people put together CVs but ironically, now that I have to do one myself for the first time in 15 years, I am in need of layout and organisational ideas for self-employed people applying to traditional roles.

I am an experienced professional who's been self employed for 10 years. The skills I've been putting to work for clients match pretty exactly the skills asked for in this role: digital design, event planning, social media planning and execution, blogging, web design (the role calls for overseeing, not executing), etc. I'm assuming a skill-based rather than chronological CV would be best here.

I'd appreciate examples of how I could organise and present a CV for the role.

BONUS: The job description asks for a marketing degree. I don't have a marketing degree. I have however, been a 3rd level lecturer in marketing for degree courses. So, that should work; I'm just unsure how to present it.
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I am not used to CVs (I'm in the US and used to resumes) so I'm not sure how they compare here. But I have seen successful resumes where the person lists "DarlingBri LLC, Principle, 2007-2017" at the top of their resume, with description of the kinds of services they provided, and then lists a sort of highlights reel of their clients. For ex.:

- Widget, Inc., Digital Strategist, 2010
Developed a social media marketing strategy for Widget, Inc. that resulted in a 15% increase in online widget sales and a 60% increase in customer engagement on Facebook and Twitter.
- BetterWidgets, Web Design, 2012
Worked with BetterWidgets to redesign their website and optimize for Widget Sales conversions and search. Increased BetterWidgets' conversions etc etc.

Hopefully this is clear and translates to CVs vs resumes.
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For my self-employment, I list “Independent XXX”, where XXX is a general descriptor, and then below it i list the achievements that are relevant to the job to which I’m applying.
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