Seattle veg-friendly restaurants that are nice but not too expensive?
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I'm looking for Seattle restaurant recommendations for a special-occasion dinner. We're a group of 8 who vary in income and whether we eat meat.

Entrees priced $10-30 would be ideal. We're a bit burnt out on Thai and Vietnamese, which seem to make up the bulk of vegetarian-friendly dining options. We're considering Cafe Flora, but it would be nice if the meat-eaters had options too.
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Speaking as a meat eater, Cafe Flora is fantastic. Also, for a thing like this I'd suggest Indian, especially Cedars in the University district.
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Some ideas:
Steelhead Diner Good options for meat enthusiasts and vegetarians. My most mainstream food suggestion. Take your midwestern relatives here, 'cause it's in the Pike Place Market.
Lola Lots of choices for small plates to share.
Momiji Great variety of cocktails, sushi and other Japanese dishes. They have a private area you can reserve.
No Bones Beach House Small, doesn't take reservations, but lower-priced and all vegan. Very popular! I just ate there yesterday, and you need to get there before 6pm to get seated easily, or wait about 45 minutes. I think meat lovers would enjoy it, as the dishes are quite flavorful and hearty.
Cafe Munir This small neighborhood restaurant is the jewel of Crown Hill. Plenty of veggie and meat options. Delicious small plates to share!
Saba Maybe the lowest budget option in this list. Each person can eat for $10-$15. Fantastic Ethiopian food.
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+1 for Cafe Flora, it's great! I also really like Tallulah's. Lots of veg and a few good vegan options.
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The Highline is all vegan, reasonably priced, and also a dive bar that serves strong drinks and hosts various punk and metal shows. It's a great venue, and the food is really good.
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Seven Stars is also a good Szechuan restaurant that served both vegetarian and meat-based items, if you also want to accompany meat eaters. It's reasonably priced, and can accompany large groups easily.
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Vegetarian here. Lionhead in Capitol Hill is a Sichuan place that's nice enough for special occasions and has great veggie and meat options. Try the eggplant fries.

Harissa in Ravenna is one of my favorite Mediterranean/Lebanese places in the city and has a nice ambiance. Belly dancing and music on the weekends sometimes, if that's your bag.
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