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Looking for podcast recommendations. I love listening to podcasts like Esther Perel's Where Should We Begin, Dear Sugars and Group which analyse relationships, involve a lot of emotional honesty and are really insightful when it comes to human behavior and why we do what we do.

I find psychology and neuroscience really fascinating, so podcasts that explore scientific research behind human behavior are welcome. Anything that could potentially give me insight into my own behavior as well as other peoples. Basically, things that are going to make me think "Wow, yes!" on the way into work. (My going home from work listening is You must remember this and crime audiobooks. Need a bit less emotional honesty, bit more storytelling on my way home! )
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I can recommend two NPR podcasts: Invisibilia and Hidden Brain. I find Invisibilia to be a bit heavier on the storytelling, whereas Hidden Brain sometimes has quicker takes on psychology and human behaviour. I love them both!
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Death Sex and Money - interviews with people (famous and not) about their stories and relationships with each.

Dear Prudence - advice done right

Criminal - (maybe) true crime often told with a psychological perspective on the people involved - sometimes the investigators.
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My new favorite podcast was brought to my attention in the green, and it's Dan Harris' "10% Happier", which is him interviewing famous and notable people about their meditation practice. How they got started, how they continue it, what perceived benefits they feel it gives them, and so on.
Wonderful stuff that makes me really want to drill down on my own meditation practice.
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Some episodes of Stuff to Blow Your Mind deal with neurological topics. Generally not "talking about your feelings" type stuff, but more "brains are amazing and so is consciousness " type stuff. Couple of example episodes: Laughing During Horror Movies, The Bicameral Mind, Jump into the Void.

And, yeah, Invisibilia is great, too.

For a more social psychology perspective there's Just A Story. They dissect urban legends and folklore looking at what the stories say about society and our fears.
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Yeah. I’m into this stuff. I’ll add ‘Mental Illness Happy Hour,’ Dan Savage’s ‘Savage Lovecast,’ and Krista Trippetts ‘On Being’ to the list of very good suggestions given already.
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Seconding *On Being,* which is wide-ranging and wonderful.
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You might like these BBC Radio programmes: All in the Mind, Mind Changers, Pyschologically Speaking
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I like the Australian version of All in the Mind even more than the BBC one (which I also like).

There's a brand new one called Minding the Brain which is conversations between a neuroscientist and cognitive scientist.

You might enjoy You Are Not So Smart

Strangers seems to be on hiatus right now but the back catalogue might interest you.

Shrink Rap Radio features interviews with psychologists and related professions. Many years of back catalogue available.

You might like Thinking Allowed from the BBC. It's more criminology/sociology/anthropology than psych but presents current research in interesting, accessible way.

Also seconding Mental Illness Happy Hour.
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Out in the Open is wonderful and focuses specifically on the types of topics people have difficulty discussing openly.
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Freakanomics has some good episodes about human behavior at the macro level.
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