Waste free/cruelty free/affordable cosmetics
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What are some affordable options for cruelty free cosmetics that are also waste free or low waste? I'm looking for options that preferably come in tins or recyclable glass that can be found at drugstore prices or slightly above drugstore prices.

I have found a bunch of options for cruelty free cosmetics in previous ask mefis. At the same time I am also looking to reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce. And many cruelty free lines tend to use plastic packaging.

I already know about Besame and Elate, which I view to be mid-range in terms of price. I'm looking to find some additional options that may be a little more affordable for times that I don't feel like spending $20+ on a compact of blush.

What do you use? What do you love? What would you recommend against?
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Trash is for Tossers is a NYC based blogger/shop keeper, who has a waste-free store in Brooklyn. Her blog details a lot of her daily routines, and I believe that she has one on beauty products that fit all the categories you mentioned.
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I am also in the cruelty-free/low-waste overlap, and I've also found it to be difficult! A few notes from things I've tried and learned in the past 6 months or so:

- I have yet to try Lush's cosmetics, but know as a company they're dedicated to being low impact (they have a recycling program, thank you if you bring your own shopping bag, etc.)

- I switched from shower gel to using their bar soaps in the shower (to cut down on plastic bottles, and they package the bars in paper), and their masks & scrubs (you can return the plastic containers in-store).

- I have tried a cake mascara from an Etsy seller. I didn't like the particular one I tried, but would like to find another, since this can cut down on plastic (I've seen most of them come in tins, with reusable spoolies).

- More of a pre- and post- cosmetics step, but you can buy certain natural products in bulk and store them in glass jars: rose water for makeup removal, witch hazel for toner. I am finishing up the last of my plastic in this area, but want to try both of those options next. I also use reusable cotton rounds instead of cotton balls (I got mine from marleysmonsters on Etsy, but you can also DIY this).

- Not technically makeup, but I also just picked up a Schmidt's deodorant in a glass jar - they also have a return program for the jars.

Good luck!
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elf cosmetics is a popular "drugstore" brand. Not really waste-free or low-waste (sorry about that), but definitely has cruelty-free options and very inexpensive. Just wanted to throw it out there in case you might be interested/didn't know about it. They make some decent stuff.
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There are many mineral makeup sellers on places like etsy who may be happy to package loose mineral makeup in a glass jar for a nominal fee, if you ask them directly.
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I would also consider looking first for eco-friendly/waste-free brands and then exploring whether those are cruelty free (many are) instead of filtering through all of the cruelty-free brands first. Here is one list I just googled up; there are probably better ones out there.
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Wet and wild’s entire line is cruelty free. Their photo focus foundation - which is great! Best for normal/oily skin - comes in a glass bottle. It’s also vegan.
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I adore Rejuva Minerals. I've been using their products for 7+ years and can't recommend them enough. It may be at a higher price point than you want, but I've found it lasts a long time. The foundation lasts maybe 6 months with daily wear.

(If you go that route, always check their social media for coupon codes- you can save quite a bit)
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