Find My Friend's Mom on an Episode of Sally Jessy Raphael
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My friend's mom (and family) was on an episode of Sally Jessy Raphael in the 90s. I would love to find either the name/# of the episode, a transcript, or bonus points for the whole video.

Here are the details we know:
- the show was on in the 1990s, most likely in 1993 or 1994
- the show was a Mother's Day makeover type show
- her mom was 44 and pregnant at the time, but unclear if visibly or if this was called out on the show
- we don't think it was a "give my mom a makeover!" episode, since this episode was more about deserving moms and thanking their mom who has done so much for others
- the moms were surprised on the episode
- the whole family was on stage, too -- kind of a large family with lots of siblings
- family likely would have been from NJ at the time, with a Louisiana connection
- also on the show was a female track athlete surprising her mom, she miiiight have been an Olympic athlete

This might be impossible, since the show ran forever and had so many similar episodes of this type, but I'd love any and all help!
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I don't know if this gets you anywhere, but if it was really a Mother's Day episode it probably would have aired the Friday before Mother's Day. That would have been 5/9/1993 or 5/8/1994. According to this list, that means Sally Jessy Raphael episode 1635 or 1800. Don't know where you go from there...
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