My AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active doesn't get service in my apt. (Help?)
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My phone stopped getting service in my apartment and I don't know what I should do.

The phone in question: Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, with AT&T service

It used to work just fine in my apartment. Now the service is so spotty that I can't even take a call or make one from inside my apartment, and I have to go outside. I don't think anything has changed. I still get texts and can use the internet, it's really just phone calls that is the problem. If I'm inside the call just keeps cutting out so I can't hear the person and they can't hear me, and finally the call just drops.

I took it to the AT&T store at one point and the guy looked at it for a minute, did something to it, and said, "Now it should work." But I took it back home and it still doesn't take calls. I still have like 18 months on the contract for this phone... so I want to figure it out!

I also did the app where you report your problem to AT&T and that gave me absolutely no information and nothing has happened as a result of my report.

Does anyone know what's wrong with my phone or what I should do? Thank you!
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I don't have that phone or AT&T, but on my phone which gets spotty-at-best coverage in my apartment I have WiFi calling turned on and it works great. Assuming you have WiFi in your apartment, does doing this work?
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I have Android phones on AT&T. Two things. One, check your APN settings. Search the web or AT&T's site to find out what the proper APN settings are for your area. Two, do a network reset. I had a problem getting any data whatsoever, and that is what the AT&T technician/salesman did that helped. Both the APN settings and the network reset are in the settings app. (Do not have an S7 to be able to walk you through step by step.)
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If you can't get your phone to use WiFi calling, see if AT&T will give you a free signal booster. T-Mobile offers that (two different kinds, actually) and it's been a godsend for us.
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