Length (and where to source) laces for vintage knee-high 17-hole boots?
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Cleaning out my closet after many years of thrifting, I discovered a handsome pair of 1920s-era knee-high leather boots--but unfortunately without laces. I am a short lady, so "knee height" is 14" from the sole to top of the boot. The boots have 4 eyelets and 13 hooks, so 17 holes total. What is the proper length of a boot lace to tie these boots, and where can I purchase a pair, ideally in black leather to match the boots? I searched the interwebs, but all the charts I found stopped a few holes shy of 17.
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Have you tried Ian's Shoelace site? He has a calculator. 72 inches seems to be the usual maximum available, however, but I can't calculate the length for you without additional measurements. If you want leather, though, you might be able to find someone who can just cut you leather lacing to size from cording.
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How about a local shoe repair place? Barring that, you could get shoelace-width black leather thong at Michael’s or similar craft store for a few bucks.
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Use a ball of twine to lace your boots the way you like, then measure that. And if you don’t have a ball of twine, you should get one, because they are inexpensive and useful.
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Most work wear stores sell leather laces (for welders). The leather laces I've seen don't have any furrell at the end so can just be cut to length.
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I haven't seen anything specifically about 17 hole boots, but Dr Martens recommends 240cm (95") laces for 18-20 hole boots. Theirs are only $3 if you decide you're okay with normal round laces, but otherwise I've found leather laces that long on amazon or ebay.
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If you do go with cut-to-measure leather thongs for laces, which would be my recommendation as the cheapest and easiest solution, you can buy metal aglets (the end bits) online to finish them and make lacing easier.
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Thanks for the great suggestions, lace masters!
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