Confidence/group speaking this weekend in London UK
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Is there a workshop for confidence building/speaking in groups that I could get on this weekend in or near London, UK? Any other tips or ways that I could work on it this weekend?

I'm in the middle of a training course, and could do with more confidence speaking in the group.

I do vocal exercises and on my own I can have a deep resonant voice. When I'm in social situations my voice has sometimes gone stilted and quiet and this has been happening on the course. I also have found it hard to talk to people.

I've heard of workshops that do group games to build confidence and public speaking groups etc. I could do with something at short notice to help me next week on the course.

Of course, if you have any good ideas that I could try I'd love to hear them.

I won't have access to prescription drugs, but could try something herbal.
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Re: drugs.. Kava Kava is often recommended as an anti-anxiety herb. A lot of people swear by it. It's legal in Wales, but not in the UK.. but it's very easy to get anyway.

Other than that, I've found the best way to build up group confidence is to find a way to lose your inhibitions, without getting drunk. For me this tends to come down to a "I don't care what happens, I'm going for it" attitude, but some other people do things like join drama groups, go volunteering, or force themselves into situations where they HAVE to interact with large groups of people.

I was generally quite timid in groups until I did some self-diagnosis and realized.. "Why should I care what other people think? Other people are arrogant jackasses, so what harm can I do being self-assured, confident, and speaking forcefully in public?" It worked for me. Now I'm like most other people, I couldn't care less and I'm not afraid of some idiot taking me on in a group situation.
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Skill Studio runs an Effective Presentation course that starts on 8 February in London. It's fairly pricey though.
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Go to Speakers' Corner with a fruit box and riff on some fine piece of madness?
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Thanks for the tips if you come back to this...
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