Building a simple static web page
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I want to make a simple personal home page. I have a domain and a host. I know a bit about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. How can I make this easier?

I'm probably overthinking a plate of beans here.

I want to create a very simple website for myself for professional purposes—basically just for establishing my "personal brand" / making myself findable.

I would like to have some kind of blog functionality. It might include a portfolio. Beyond that, I just want something simple but that doesn't look like every other website that is out there. I want something that's pretty easy to manage.

I know a bit about web design and am familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and NodeJS, but not an expert. I've played with Bootstrap a bit, too.

I can install WordPress, but I can't find a free template that strikes the right balance between customizability and ease of use.

I've been thinking about static site generators, but I don't know how or where to get started with those. SquareSpace is nice, but as I already have a domain and much cheaper hosting, I don't think I want to spring for that.
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Lonely page: one page is all you need.
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I've used Jekyll for a lot of little personal projects. It's very easy to get started with, but you can get surprisingly advanced.
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Maybe the Origami Wordpress theme would work.
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These HTML 5 templates are nice looking, and free. Simply download, edit the source with your info, and upload to your web space. You can have a nice looking homepage in 30 minutes.

Also, your hosting probably comes with at least a couple of site builders tools you can play with, but unless you are a designer, you aren't going to produce anything as nice looking at the templates above.
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