Help us plan a long weekend in Philly
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Hello! We're in the early stages of planning a long weekend in Philly. First time for both of us, and we'd like some insight on where to stay in the city.

We're most interested in seeing museums, historical sites etc., as well as eating some good food. (Mutter Museum is definitely on the list, as is the Reading Market). We're coming from Pittsburgh by car. Should we use the car to get around or is public transit the better option? I know hotels would be expensive there, so we'd be using Airbnb. Any advice would be welcomed!

P.S. Is crime a concern? It would be my husband and I traveling, but it's still on our minds.
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Best answer: Crime is not a concern except for a few neighborhoods.

Mutter is weird & gross & awesome. Also in order, the Barnes, the Philadelphia musieum of art, the Penn archelogicial? Museum. Jewisish museum was surprisingly good. Liberty museum was overpriced and dumb. The new revolution museum I don't know about.
PS. Need beer recommendations ask me, but monks, crime & punishment, Tria Taproom, evil genius, bar hygge
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Best answer: I would definitely recommend not driving. Park at your Airbnb (hopefully in a non-permitted area) and Lyft/bus/subway from there. (Personally I’d Amtrak in to not worry about it at all.)

The most likely crime (and not very likely) is someone breaking into your car. (See above re not driving at all.) Don’t leave anything in there, definitely not in sight.

I’d stay in South Philly for the local flavor, probably near East Passyunk to be near some great shops and restaurants, or Art Museum area to be near PMA, Barnes, Rodin, and pretty close to the Mutter. After ten years I’ve landed on Reading Terminal being overrated for the constituent parts (can find better diners, shops, cheesesteaks elsewhere), but convenient for the proximity of decent versions of those.

I’ll add Brewery Ars (especially, and especially especially on Thursdays) and Second District (if you’re in the area) to the above list, convenient if you’re in South Philly. ITV for sure if you’re near East Passyunk.
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My friends have an AirBnB located in Old City that's close to public transit. MeMail me if you want a link.

Definitely park and take public transit. Crime won't be a major concern unless you go way off the beaten path. Don't wait in line to see the Liberty can see it from the street. I didn't care for the new American Revolution museum.

Philly has a ton of great food. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?
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Best answer: I've only been the once, but two things stood out for me: Fishtown was a neat neighborhood and had a pizza restaurant/museum that was super tasty. And the Eastern State Penitentiary tour was surprisingly rad if you're into that sort of thing. Steve Buscemi narrates the self-guided audio tour!
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I came in to recommend the Eastern State Penitentiary too! Super interesting and well done audio tour! And the Art Museum.

I can't speak confidently about crime as I went there like 10 years ago. I walked a lot. The only places that slightly stood out were (1) on the train ride from North Philly to downtown you see some large neighborhoods that are all boarded up and (2) on the walk from Chinatown to the Eastern State Pen (a pretty long walk IIRC) I passed by some rundown areas.
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Eastern State Penn for sure. I'm sad I only went there once in the 12 years I lived there.

The Constitution Center was always decent, and the Rodin Museum.
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Check out the new YARDS brewery & Gin distillery!
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