Where is ethylene?
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Has anyone heard from ethylene recently, meaning after January 13th, 2006? Does anyone know how to contact her? I am concerned.......hopefully unnecessarily so. She has not posted anywhere since that date after a series of bizarre (far more than normal for her....) posts and comments and it has left several of us (Mofi/Metachat/Mefi) worried about her welfare. How do you contact someone who you know virtually nothing about? Here are some links to follow and get an idea of what has been going on; eth's 1/12 Mofi post, her 1/10 Mofi post, her blog (last post 1/13/06), Metachat thread. As I said on Metachat I hope I end up looking quite foolish for this. Any ideas, anyone?
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Her gmail is in her MoFi profile. If she doesn't respond to that, she probably doesn't want to be contacted.
Urm, not to be, y'know... but wouldn't this be better suited for MeTa?

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Well, I don't know Alvy........would it? And thanks for that glaringly, obvious observation, cause, ya know, I hadn't thought of that. /rolls eyes upward

Go nitpick somewhere else.
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Glad I could help.
Hopefully she's fine and you end up looking foolish; it would be preferable to the dickhead look you're currently sporting.

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Go break the guidelines somewhere else.
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I don't think being a dick to someone who is genuinely and humanly concerned about another person is particularly helpful.
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codeofconduct.... MeFi is all about nitpicking. This post is 99.99% likely to be deleted, so when that happens you might consider reposting it in MetaTalk, but I'd anticipate a lot of derisive comments if you do.
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(and potentially some non-derisive comments from people like Justinian)
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(those MoFi threads are pretty freaky... I hope eth's ok)
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The posts themselves probably have an explaination. We've all been there and regretted it the next day / week/ year. However, her silence is concerning. Posting this to Metatalk would probably be acceptable and more helpful.
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