Help me have a swingin' summer (dress)
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Last summer I fell in love with this jersey swing dress from Old Navy. Help me find more like it, or maybe better quality!

This dress immediately became my spring/summer uniform. I love it because it's extremely comfortable, the shape is flattering, and it's very versatile - I wore it constantly on my spring trip to Greece, I can wear it with leggings and/or a jacket when it's a little cooler out, or as something to throw over a bathing suit at the beach. I even wore it with nice jewelry to a casual wedding reception!

I bought a few other colors, but I don't really love most of the other colors Old Navy sells it in. So I'd like to find some other retailers that sell similar dresses. What I'm looking for, in addition to the swing cut:

- Jersey material or something similar
- Jewel tones, print or solid
- About knee length or a bit above on an average-height person (I'm 5'5")
- Short/cap sleeves (not sleeveless)
- Available in size 16-20, depending on the store (though this cut is so forgiving)

I bought one from eshakti but I didn't love it - it's a little too structured and the jersey is too thick. Would love any other recommendations!
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I'm in the same situation as you! I got 4 dresses last year from Gap and Old Navy and have been living in them ever since. I really want to avoid dresses with a back zipper.

I found this one yesterday that comes in XL and XXL. It's in both gray and a nice blue color. I can confirm that softspun is super soft. I got one dress in that last year that I really like.
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J.Jill has a few dresses right now that are very similar in shape. Might want to have a go through their selection. They offer women’s sizing as well.
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There are a bunch of nearly identical companies on Amazon selling dresses like this one that are surprisingly nice for the price. I have this one and this one (long sleeves). Just be sure to read the reviews, because some of them are of thinner fabric or have asymmetrical hems or whatnot.
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Oh, I also got a couple of those last year and LOVE them.
GAP has this right now, which is similar, but has a fancy little sleeve tie.
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Torrid is really really good for this (once you sort through all the cosplay and over-trendy pieces). This one, and this one and this one might all be great. They tend to run a little large.
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Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are the same company, and the stores are pointed at three different budgets: low, medium, and high. With Gap and BR, you get the higher quality materials and assembly, but generally the same styles, cuts, that sort of thing. Check BR first, and see if you can find what you're looking for in there. If you can but the price is out of your budget, try the same at Gap.
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I also fell in love with those ON dresses, and have been eyeing the similarly-shaped Lou & Grey swing dresses at LOFT. Other pieces in that "signaturesoft" line have, indeed, been very soft.

If/when that swing style starts looking unwearably dated over the next few years, I'm going to cry.
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A-line dresses like the swing ones don't really go out of style, do they? I hope not, because I live in my Old Navy swing dresses. (I have found that, at least in the plus sizes, ON adds new colors and prints every few months, so keeping an eye on the site might be worth doing.)
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'm hoping more stores roll these dresses out as we get into summer because they do seem really popular! Marked as "best" the ones I'm going to try ordering.

A-line dresses like the swing ones don't really go out of style, do they?

I don't think it's so much that they go OUT of fashion as much as they seem more popular now than they were a few years ago, when it seemed like the A-line trend was more about fit-and-flare styles. Everything is a bit more flowy now than it was 10 years ago. But sadly, I think all silhouettes go out of fashion at some point, even if it's just for a few years.

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