Want to study Masters online while traveling. Where to start looking?
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I am specifically interested in sociology or history but I am wondering more generally about how credible these kinds of online programs are these days. I plan to travel around Europe and stay in various places for a month or two while studying. I am also wondering if there are any with an on-campus period component. Europe preferred (as that's where I will be based) but open to US/Australia/Canada as well. In fact, any background info about where to start looking or personal experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Athabaska university. I know several people who gained degrees and then good jobs online.
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What is your goal? If you want to do PhD work and work in academia, an online program would not be considered credible. If you have other career goals, it might be.
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Arizona State University has many online Master's programs. I just checked and they do have a Sociology Master's. I do not know if they have an on-ground/online hybrid program. (disclaimer, I work at ASU, but not in online programs)
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I did my entire Library and Information Science program online at the University of Buffalo. Mostly a good experience - some professors were not the best and I don't necessarily love the online format, but my advisor was great and I also had some really fantastic professors as well.
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