Windows 10 photo album/slideshow software (not a Windows Store app)
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What is a good, lightweight, ad-free, preferably full-screen Windows 10-compatible program that will allow me to view images by folder or, optionally, run a slideshow of all the files in the folder?

Background that will better explain my needs: I've set up a media center (raspberry pi with Kodi) in my living room. It works awesome for movies and music, but absolutely chokes on pictures. Googling shows this problem has existed for years, and no-one has ever managed to fix it. After hours of troubleshooting foolishly thinking I would be the one to find a solution, I give up.

I'd just like the ability to browse through past photos of trips or Christmases or the like, either by clicking or using the keyboard to go the next or previous picture, or maybe running a slideshow. Very basic media center picture browsing.

Fortunately, I also have a Steam Link, so I could link a program in my Steam library and use it to browse photos. I've also tried convoluted things to get the Windows 10 native Photo app to work, but as it's not an .exe file but an app that you open via explorer.exe command shell, it doesn't work (it opens for a second and then closes back down), and it's too flaky and too much trouble for my basic needs.

I'm sure this can be accomplished with some sort of grepping shell parameters with manifests while swinging newts tails under the full moon, but there *has* to be an easier way. Some simple .exe file I can run and see photos. I don't need to modify photos or tag them or anything, just see a bunch of folders, click one, see a bunch of photos in it, click one, and have it shown full-screen. Then click or hit the right arrow or something to move to the next one. Slideshow function is optional (I'm totally happy just clicking or hitting the arrow keys).
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I would suggest IrfanView. If you have a need for a running slideshow that you don't touch, you can do this. If you point it at a photo in a folder, you can also just use the left and right keys to navigate picture to picture.
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I tried IrFanView, and while it's close, it's not quite as easy to control as I'd like.

I really should have put this in the main question, but I was worried it would be too long/too demanding:

What I'm really picturing something basic like a media center-style app. Here, for reference, is what my Kodi app looks like (which would be perfect, except that displaying an image takes from 5 to 10 seconds, and opening a folder takes like 20 seconds).

Folder view (note: Kodi puts thumbnails on the folder, but I don't care about that. Just plain folder icons would be fine)
Clicking on one of those folders opens it up:
Folder contents
And then clicking on one of those images makes it go full-screen:
Clicking or hitting right switches to next image, hitting left goes to previous image.

So I'm looking for something along those lines. Easy to operate from across the room on a TV, shows folders, shows folder contents, and shows images.
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You can get Adobe Bridge for free if you install Adobe Creative Cloud (I believe you also have to create an Adobe account).

One thing I like about Bridge is that you can browse using just the spacebar and arrow keys. You can't change the key settings though, and double-clicking with the mouse will try to open the file instead of viewing it (you have to use space to view fullscreen).
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Bugbread, are you sure you explored Irfanview fully? The way you describe it seems to match the behavior I'm familiar with. Double-click to full-screen an image, and then left or right arrows to scroll through; automatic slideshow also available. And, have you also looked at Irfanview Thumbnails?
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I'll give Irfanview another look, but I just tried Bridge, and it's *perfect*! Thanks!
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