How do I unpack an .smi file in Win2k
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MacFilter: How do I unpack an .smi file in a Win2k environment?
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.smi files are self-mounting disk images. They produce a little disk image on the desktop of your Mac; it's treated like a real disk.

I would try Stuffit Expander for Windows, even though it doesn't explicitly mention the .smi format.

Failing that, if it's just one or two .smi's, mail them to me or put them up on the web and I'll unpack them for you.
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The classic answer across the 'net is: you don't. SMI files contain executable code to auto-mount a disk image. There is nothing comparable to that on a Windows machine and it couldn't execute the code anyway, not to mention the rumblings about destroyed resource forks. It's not a file-format conversion issue; it's an operating system issue.

Accept the nice man's offer to use his Mac. That's the only solution I've seen (well, not specifically the nice man part, just the "use a Mac" to get at the files inside the SMI file part).
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I second what both ikkyu2 and mdevore said. Try Stuffit but it probably won't work.

Instead, unpack it on a mac. Repackage it in a format compatible with Windows. Then try it.

Here is a list of software that can handle archives cross-platform.
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Response by poster: Well, as expected, Stuffit is a no-go. Thanks all for the help.

I'm trying to install mac on a usb jump drive and this is my last step. Just an FYI, the file in mention is OS 7.0.1.smi - available at Apple's archive, where Iit is available for free. So . . .

ikkyu2, if you would be so kind as to expand the file into it's bits 'n pieces, that would be a great help. I have uploaded the .smi to yousendit. I can get the return yousendit here or you can mail me at fumblebum over at gmail dot com.

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In general, the problem is not the "self-mounting" part, because Disk Copy doesn't execute the (classic Mac OS) code in ".smi" files to mount them; it just ignores the wrapper and mounts the disk image.

The problem is that the file is an archive of an HFS or HFS Plus (Macintosh) disk, not a folder or a bunch of files. You would need a Windows program not just to understand the archive format, but one that can mount Macintosh disks at all, whether in image files or as stand-alone drives. I don't know of any program offhand that will do that; MacDrive does not appear to have the capability from its Web pages.
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Another 2 problems are:
  • The smi you sent me is corrupt. I was able to get a good copy from Apple's download site, though.
  • The smi opens to reveal 6 1.4MB floppy images. I doubt you want that format, either.
I'll put 'em in a format you'll be able to use.
posted by ikkyu2 at 12:05 AM on February 3, 2006

Try here.
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Response by poster: ikky . . . Thank you VERY much! I will give these a go during the day. This poster needs to get to sleep. again, thanks all for the info and ikky for the leg-work.
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Could you run one of the Mac Emulators on your PC and open the file that way? Basilisk works well for me for opening older stuff. I've even managed to get at some of my 1980s Mac stuff that way.
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