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I took a job I maybe shouldn't have, and now I'm wondering how to list it on my website.

You know those AskMes where the person says "the company hired me into job X with the promise that I'd get promoted to job Y"? The ones where everyone says "don't take that job because they're never going to actually promote you"?

Well, I foolishly took a job like that. I had been unemployed for a couple of months after moving, and job Y in this case was actually a step up from what I had been doing before, with good pay, so I was excited. I was/am ridiculously overqualified for Job X, but it was only supposed to be for a couple of months, and they bumped the pay up from the normal rate (although not to the full job Y rate).

More than a couple of months have now passed, and I'm beginning to wonder if job Y is ever going to actually materialize. I shouldn't be surprised; I know better. I'm not giving up on the possibility, but the time has come that I need to start exploring other options in case it does fall through. So I'm updating my resume and LinkedIn, and I'm going to start applying for other jobs soon.

My question is, how do I deal with this on my resume? Technically, my title was job X, and almost all of the work I've done is job X-related, but I'd really prefer not to list that on my resume. Like I said, it's a position I'm overqualified for, and I don't want people who see my resume to pigeonhole me as someone who does the same thing I did ten years ago. On the other hand, even though I've done some basic training for job Y, that wasn't at all my primary, or even secondary, responsibility. If I list myself as doing job Y, someone would ask me about it, and I couldn't really answer. And I'd rather not leave the job off entirely, because then it looks like I've been unemployed for almost a year.

This is one of many reasons why situations like this are stupid and I should never have gotten myself into one. What can you suggest?
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I think you should list job X. And you should do like

Job x - company A 2017 - present
-Task A
-Task B
-Task related to job Y

And maybe just start doing some job Y at work so you can talk about it. Maybe stretch the truth about your job Y responsibilities at interviews.

Also, ask your boss about job Y. Hey man, I think I've mastered the basic of job X. Can I do some job Y responsibilities? And what is your timeline for making my title job Y?
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You should describe what you do and mefi can help you come up with a better sounding but also true job title.
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