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My husband and I have recently moved to Toronto from Sydney with zero furniture. We have an Airbnb rental and are currently looking for a long term lease. We've found somewhere that looks promising - yay! - but this also means finding furniture. Can anyone recommend good quality mid-priced furniture stores in the Toronto area that we would be able to access without a car (or at worst with a short cab ride)? I'd really like to avoid furnishing the entire place with Ikea if possible.

I have looked online, but that doesn't really give me an idea of quality. I have read poor reviews about Structube, but am happy to be corrected if they're actually ok. At the moment we're looking for - sofa/sectional, tv unit, queen mattress & frame, bedside tables, dining set, and a wardrobe or chest of drawers. We don't mind getting items from several places if necessary.
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Best answer: I have had decent luck with EQ3 and Structube and CB2. For all, you really must visit the showrooms and test it out. Some cheaper stuff is rickety but other are very solid. It's impossible to tell from the websites.

I also found a couple pieces at InSTYLE Home and Rugs at 948 Yonge Street.

I am also generally aware of the Castlefield Design District which is a group of home decor shops. No idea on the price or quality. It's not transit accessible but it's still well inside the city boundaries.

Aside from that, you may be able to find some used furniture in various shops along Queen West or in Leslieville. I don't know any names but half the fun is exploring anyway.

And finally, there is a Bunz Home Decor group on Facebook.
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Best answer: I bought some stools from Elte mkt, which is in Castlefield, and they've held up over the year that I've had them. I'm pretty sure they cost less than $200. I haven't bought anything from Shelter Furniture yet but I've been there a couple of times and their stuff seems to be decent quality as well. I always drive down but I am pretty sure there's a bus route there.

I bought dining room chairs from Pier 1 imports 5+ years ago. They aren't the most fashionable but I wanted something bomb-proof and they have been so far. I think they cost somewhere around $250 each.
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Best answer: House N Home Furnishings on St Clair might be good. The clearance section has some very affordable things.
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Best answer: Right at queen west and bathurst there are a whole bunch of furniture shops accessible by streetcar. There's a range of quality and prices to pick from. There are a few chain stores like cb2 to compare as well. Even if you don't buy anything, http://www.morba.ca/ is really cool to walk around in. There are lots of places to snack when you get bored of looking at dining chairs.
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Best answer: I've had decent luck with Structube. I'd say it as good as IKEA at least. You can also check out Urban Barn, BLVD Interiors , West Elm.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I'll check out some of those places on the weekend.
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When I was buying a bed, I visited a bunch of places mentioned here, but wound up buying from Casalife. Reasonably priced, very good selection. Their Liberty Village store is only open for another month, though.
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Definitely EQ3. A bit pricier than IKEA, but much higher quality. Generally long (8-10 week) delivery times since most things are made to order in Canada.
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