iTunes: Compilations, multiple disc albums. Tracks won't display in order.
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Help me with iTunes: Why won't my compilations display the tracks in order? Similarly: Why won't my multiple-disc albums display the tracks in order?

I'm using the most recent iTunes on OS X Panther. I swear I never had a problem with this before...

Recently I had a hard drive die. So, after I got a new one, I used iPodRip to transfer the songs from my iPod onto my new hard drive. Now some things seem to be fishy about the way my library is displayed.

The first problem was with the Recently Added playlist. It didn't update. I fixed that by simply creating a new Smart Playlist. No problem.

The other two problems are similar, and can probably be fixed at the same time. I just can't figure it out. OK, let me get some things out of the way. iTunes organizes my files which are all located in the iTunes directory. I'm 100% sure in both cases that the mp3s are properly tagged(I've checked... a bunch of times). Basically the problem is this: when I view album on a multiple disc album(disc 1 of 2, disc 2 of 2, etc), it just displays them as alphabetical. And when I view album on a compilation album(part of a compilation: yes, and individual artist tags), it does the same... alphabetical. Same if I search the name of the album in the search box. I figure the problem is with the way it's displaying the library. If I click the 'album' column, it displays the order of the multiple disc and compilation albums correctly, but when I click back to artist column(the way I prefer to view it), it goes alphabetical again when I view the album(or type its name in the searchbox).

I'm fairly clueless on how to fix this. Can someboooody help me?
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Sounds like iPodRip doesn't write to the iTunes Library file correctly. Try moving the music and the iTunes Library file out of the music folder and then do File/Add to Library in iTunes and point it at the folder full of music. This should force iTunes to rebuild it for you.
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Ah, let me add. A couple of the multiple-disc and compilation albums were added after the music recovery.

I just tried your suggestion, and it's still displaying the tracks in alphabetical order in both the browse by album and searchbox views.
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What field are you sorting the view by?
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On every other album, it organizes everything first by artist, then album, then track order. In the case of the multiple-disc and compilation albums, it isn't adhering to the track(and disc) order metadata.
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You need to organise by album, not artist - then everything will be in track order.
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I see the same behaviour in iTunes. Ordering by album is a workaround, not a solution.
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Do you have "group compilations when browsing" checked in prefs?
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I just tried "group compilations when browsing" and that just lumps all my compilations under the Compilations folder in the browse mode(much like Podcasts), but when I click Compilations, then the album name, the tracks are still in alphabetical order, not the tagged track order.

My guess is that iTunes doesn't have the option to do otherwise. Oh well. Thanks for the help everyone.
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