Looking for a Japanese movie about a family in the mountains
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I am looking for the title of a Japanese movie about a family that lives in the mountains. They have this kind of spot where hikers can rest and some food is available.

I remember there was kind of a family thing going on with someone returning from city life; and there was also a hiking accident somewhere in the film (not deadly!). I have Googled with various search terms but I can't find the title of this movie.

I know I saw it on the plane to Tokyo a few years ago, so maybe it's not that old. From the images I would guess it was made between 2000 and now.

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Maybe The Happiness of the Katakuris, a film by Takashi Miike?
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Maybe Climbing to Spring?
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You'll know if it was The Happiness of the Katakuris if it had random amateur song-and-dance numbers, a zombie sumo wrestler, and an ending comprising crude stop-motion animation, among other things. (I love The Happiness of the Katakuris.)
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I think you'd remember (and mention) some of the weirder elements of this one, but the family member returning from city life was a plot point of The Taste of Tea from 2004, and the overall setting is fairly close. I figured it was a worth a mention, just in case (it's a good movie).
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It was “Climbing to spring”. Thank you all!
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