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I'm looking to find a map showing all military bases around the time of World War II.

Basically what I want is the location of all French and British overseas military bases around 1945. I was originally looking for a dataset that lists all of these, but I figured an atlas/map collection may be a good thing to look for. Any suggestions from people who know a lot about historical maps/atlases that may be helpful? Thanks.
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Maps and graphics from United States Military Academy Department of History:

WWII European Theater
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Forgot to include Asian/Pacific Theater
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(The maps available at the USMA's web site are a super-awesome resource, BTW. Good call, slipthought!)
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Be aware that 'military base' didn't mean then what it means now. There were army garrisons in the colonies, but air and naval forces got by with much less infrastructure and support than is the case these days. They could operate out of almost any old port or flat field (with a few days' prep work). And both empires were extensive enough that they didn't need to get the consent of a local sovereign nation to set up a base; they had colonies around the world.
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