And now, the long-anticipated next episode of Name That Cat!
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I went to the SPCA this weekend planning to adopt a relatively sedate, middle-aged cat. Instead, I came home with a petite young loudmouth. They estimate she is about a year old and that she may not get much bigger than her current size, which is just under 6.5 pounds. She shows a lot of confidence and is very chatty. The shelter named her Black Panther which I think is not a good fit at all. The names that come to my mind are Cassie and Delphine. What might this kitty's name be?
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Louise and Kathy jumped to mind immediately for me. I do like Cassie a lot, though.

PS please kiss her cute face for me if she'll let you
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She looks very similar to my little Alice, Ali for short, who is about the same age. She's also nicknamed MicroCat, for obvious reasons, lol.
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If you wanted to stay on the Black Panther theme...Shuri or Nakia.

Maybe Echo or Kiki.
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Selene, Luna, Diana, Phoebe
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Kiri (Te Katawauler), Nellie (Meowlba), Anna (Pawlover)
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Kiri te Katawauler wins holy shit that’s amazing I retract mine
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I always thought Friday or Freida would be perfect for a black cat.
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Seconding Shuri, since she's as tiny and fierce as the Black Panther character.

Otherwise, she seems to have the self-possession of a Lola--or a Cassie.
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I think she's a Max.
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Beelzebub !!

Bee or Bub for short.
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I know a small, fierce all-black kitty called Helmi. It means 'pearl' in Finnish.
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Why, that's Aretha!
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(Ravin') Raven.
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Dame Nellie Melba (cats love titles).
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Also, the character Cassie in the Laundry novels by (MetaFilter’s own) C. Stross has the title “Agent First of Spies and Liars,” which... you know, cats.
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Bella Z. Bub
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She may not be named Black Panther but she can always use a necklace.
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Sasquatch, The Sasser.
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The decision seems to be made, but this cat looks like her name is "Excuse me"
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Nthing Kiri. What a little beauty she is!
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Though Kiri te Katawauler is perf.
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She looks like her breed might be Bombay. Perhaps a Hindu goddess? Shakti? Kali :) ?
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Queen Esther
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Beelzebub! Bee or Bub for short

I wasn't too crazy about "Beelzebub", but "Bee" just feels perfect on a molecular level.

Make it "Beatrice" instead and call her "Bea".
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Joan, named of course after Joan Jett, another petite raven-haired vocalist! Joanie if you're feeling sing-songy yourself. :)
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I love Delphine (and Cassie). Either would suit her well. You've got good taste in cat names.
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As she clearly has the bearing (and opinions) of a goddess, I'd go with Bast.
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I'd say Samantha, but I don't think cat names should have any "SSS" (aka hissing) sounds in them.
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She looks like a cat I used to have named Little Ant.
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Mewette, pronounce Me yute. Kind of a play on meow and minute (like being small, not 60 seconds).
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I think Delphine suits her.
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Thank you all for the great suggestions! Kiri te Katerwauler is especially apt as I'm a classical singer myself. I'll ask the cat what she thinks.
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