Mac Safari zombie "Siri suggestions" - please die already!
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I am on a mid-2015 MacBook Pro, on High Sierra 10.13.3 and using Safari 11.0.3, and earlier today I used the handy "force click" feature to preview a link (i.e. it comes up as a smaller image instead of going to the actual page in the main browser window) to a website that I had a bad feeling about. The offending site is a popular (though not usually malicious) click-baity site that I tend to avoid, and unfortunately, despite clearing "cookies and data" a million times, the offending site still pops up after typing a certain word in my Safari search bar. Yes, I know I can just turn off Siri suggested websites, but how did the offending website (which I won't call out by name unless I really have to) weasel its way into Siri's suggestions, despite the fact I never actually navigated to it? Why doesn't deleting history, cookies, and data do anything about it?
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According to this answer on Quora, the "Suggested Websites" in Safari are not just based on your history, but are also based on search engine suggestions and certain "useful" sources that Apple has chosen. Try disabling the "Include search engine suggestions" and "Include Safari suggestions" check boxes shown in that post (assuming they still exist in 11.0.3) and see if this fixes the problem.
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