Can't figure out the new okcupid. Help?
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It appears there's no longer an inbox on okcupid. I get emails from okcupid saying "Someone's messaged you," but I have no way to find this message. It says "Go to Double take and the messager will be near the top," but this is not so. What gives?
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Ugh, having the same issue. I wrote to them about it - I'll let you know if I hear anything back.
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My understanding is they now force you to swipe through until you get there -- sometimes for me it's been 5-10 folks away from the top. How much are you swiping before giving up?
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Under the new messaging regime, messages aren't exchanged in the "normal" sense until you've both liked each other. Technically you can still send messages to anyone but until they like you the message will only ever appear to them on YOUR profile, and/or near the top of the DoubleTake page for you that they see.

Resaid, reversed: If someone you haven't liked sends you a message it'll be under their picture but above the other stuff on their DoubleTake page in your view.
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Resaid, reversed: If someone you haven't liked sends you a message it'll be under their picture but above the other stuff on their DoubleTake page in your view.

If, in the unlikely event they actually appear near the top of your matches, their picture gets a blue overlay (IIRC). However, as far as I can tell, they're just lying about the person always being near the top (of either your matches or DoubleTake)--I've seen this overlay precisely once. It is a shockingly terrible redesign.
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God I hate the new OKC, I feel bad for the workers to be stuck with this shit.
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Seriously - I wrote to someone they were in my "liked" list, once it was sent, they were completely removed from my list. As if not existing, but they're there by username search, but not in search results.... So I'm assuming they hide them so you don't rewrite? When I try to see my messages to get feedback, they don't even show it to you? Not even the person, but literally I can't even see what I just sent? How ? Who ever thought this was a good idea is like the principals that ban ibuprofen in school.
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Todolos: Please report back if you get a meaningful answer.
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Nothing yet, except a bunch of emails about new messages that I am still unable to find :/
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I have had the same issue. I don't know what's going on with OKC, but it's not the same experience it used to be. I don't know if all their changes caused the decline, or if the changes were implemented in response to an already declining userbase, but I haven't had a positive experience on OKC in over a year, and I had great success with it in the past.

I have heard that "Bumble" and "Coffee Meets Bagel" are a bit better for some users, but it seems like online dating in general is having a rough patch. I've gone back to working on meeting people in the real world.
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