MS Office 2016 & changing the color of selected items
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Years ago, Techrepublic came out with a tutorial for changing the color of selected text in MS Office, which worked until 2013. I've upgraded to 2016 at the office, and can't figure out how to do this. The default for selected text in 2016 is gray, which is difficult for me to see. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Google fails me.
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Just open a new blank document in Word, type something and then set up your font, style, size, color the way you want it.
Select the text
right click
select font in the drop down (below paste options)
A new window for font selections opens, go to the box in the bottom right: Set as Default
Click on radio button: All documents based on the Normal template
Click OK

You will then have your selection each time you open a new Word Document
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Not the best solution, as it's a registry edit. And it only allows you to change from gray to black. But it worked for me on Windows 10.
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