What to do with jackfruit
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I have a can of jackfruit. I can get more but it won't be until the next grocery run, and I'd rather just use the one right now if I can. There's just two of us. We're not vegan but not opposed to the vegan meal. Hit me with your jackfruit recipes!

Yes, I have seen this thread but considering how the thread is about how poorly written the recipe is and the poster's attempt was unsuccessful, I am in search of more tried and true recipes.
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Eat it! Jackfruit is freakin delicious as a fruit.

My mom makes a sambhar (south indian lentil-based soup) out of jackfruit but mannnn just eat it like a fruit, it's so much better. If you must cook it, roasting at high heat till edges are browned is an option. That really brings out the sweetness. Not my fave thing, but *shrug*
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Do this one, it's way easier and pretty insensitive to changes in amount (within reason, of course). The only caveat I'd give is "soft enough that it can be mashed" isn't necessarily all *that* soft, so don't increase the cooking time because you think it's still too tough unless you've actually taken it out and been unable to mash it well. It will continue to soften as it bakes, so you don't really want it to fully cook in the broth.

This is assuming your can is in brine and not in syrup. If it is in syrup, stay away from bbq; in that case I'd find a dessert recipe or maybe just eat it.
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Gudeg jogja! This recipe is moderately similar to my family’s. You can used canned instead of fresh as long as it’s young/green jackfruit, not sweet. You can also use ginger in place of galangal, cashews instead of candlenuts if you can’t find them.
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Just to confirm, I have a can of Young Green Jackfruit in Salted Water.
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Jackfruit curry is a Sri Lankan favorite! Eat it over rice, paired with a spicy beef dish (if you're looking to add meat to your meal.)
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I would follow the recipe posted by solotoro and make BBQ tacos. Warmed corn tortillas, jackfruit, curtido, cilantro, avocado, hot sauce. Margaritas.
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i have successfully made jackfruit bbq. but i also drizzled a little bacon fat over my jackfruit before broiling it which defeated the purpose of a vegan meal. that being said, it was VERY GOOD. if you aren't married to the idea of bacon, i suggest adding just a teensy bit of liquid smoke to the jackfruit mixture if you have it.
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Ok so here is how I make barbecue jackfruit:
Open can and thoroughly rinse jackfruit. Cut jackfruit into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.
In a bowl big enough for your jackfruit, combine dry spices and a bit of sugar. I usually go with 1 tbls brown sugar, 1 tbls whole cumin seeds, 1 tsp ground coriander seeds, 1 tsp dried ground ancho chili, 1 tsp dried oregano, a few twists of black pepper from the grinder, 1 tsp smoked paprika, a dash of salt. Try to match the flavors of your barbecue sauce (see below).
Chop up and saute 1/2 an onion in a deep-walled frying pan. Cook till translucent.
Add dried/damp jackfruit to dry spice/sugar mix. Mix well.
Add jackfruit to onion mix and saute for 10 min, stirring frequently. You want to get the sugars melted and caramelized a bit, and get some browning on some jackfruit edges to add some different texture and mimic the edges of a pulled pork.
(at this point you can put it into the slow cooker and give it 3 hours or continue on the stovetop)
Add 1 to 1.5 cups of your favorite canned barbecue sauce (I am lazy, I suppose you could make your own) and .5 to 1 cup water; you want a semi-watery barbecue sauce and the water needed will vary based on the thickness of the original sauce. Mix thoroughly.
Cover and lower heat. Simmer for 20-40 min, until heated through and the sauce is mostly absorbed.
Serve on bread for sandwiches, or alongside beans and cornbread. Add more sauce when serving if too dry for your taste.

I mostly wing it when cooking and don't measure so if something seems off follow your gut.
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the recipe posted by solotoro

I've made both the 6-ingredient pulled jackfruit on itdoesnttastelikechicken, as well as their original, more intensive 20-ingredient version, and I prefer the original version. The 6-ingredient version says to cook the jackfruit for 8-10 minutes, and the 20-ingredient version says to cook it for 45-60 minutes, but the actual cooking time is definitely somewhere in the middle.
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