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How does a Canadian residing in Denmark get married to an American/Swedish dual citizen living in Sweden?

My partner A and I (B) are planning on getting married. A was born in the USA, but became a Swedish citizen recently. We are planning on getting married, but the logistics have proven to be more complicated than we expected, largely due to immigration factors.

In short, I am a resident of Denmark, and I have applied to be A's sambo (Swedish term for domestic partner). However, this is taking a very long time (more than a year so far), and seems to impact our ability to get married. In order for us to get married, it seems that we need to get a "Hindersprövning" from Skatteverket, i.e. prove that there are not any obstacles to getting married. But according to Migrationsverket, I would need a visa to enter Sweden in order to do this, but this is complicated because I already have an existing application with them.

One option that we have considered is to get married in Denmark anyhow, but as a Canadian and as an American, instead of as a Swede. According to https://international.kk.dk/marriedincph, we still may need the Hindersprövning anyhow.

We also could just get married in Canada or the US, but since we live here we aren't really sure how that impacts, well, anything.

Does anyone have any experience or advice to offer?
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You will (each) need a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) to marry just about anywhere in the world; it's merely an official confirmation that you are not already married or otherwise unmarriable. Your consulate in Denmark should be able to advise you how to obtain this. For A, a Swede living in Sweden (the fact that A is also American is irrelevant here), presumably no difficulties exist. By process of elimination, the only problem left to tackle is how B can enter Sweden for the ceremony, and on that I have no advice to offer.
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As I read it, you can get the Danish version of the hindersprövning very simply from the site you have linked to (deeper link). Actually, it doesn't really make sense that you should get it from Sweden, since you don't live there, maybe that's why it's all taking so long. Your partner still needs the Swedish hindersprövning.
Denmark is known for having really simple and quick marriage procedures with tourists coming just for that purpose, so it might be easier than in Sweden, I don't know.
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Seconding mumimor in that it's very easy to get married in Denmark. I know someone who travelled from Berlin to Copenhagen to get married, as it was so much easier.
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