What brand of eyeglasses makes these?
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I recently saw someone with a nice pair of stylish glasses that had a magnetic frame she could attach sunglass lenses to. I would really love to get a pair of glasses like this, but I cannot find any photos of glasses that look remotely similar to the pair I saw. Dos anyone have any idea what brand would make a similar pair of glasses?

The style of the glasses was a bit vintage (with a thicker frame along the top of the glasses) and I think they were purple. I've tried to conduct a google image search, but none of the images I'm finding are even remotely similar to what I saw.
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Like these? They have been around for a long time - I had a pair from my local chain eyeglass shop going on 10 years ago. The whole frame isn't magnetic, usually just a little piece in the nose bridge. Whatever shop or site you currently order glasses from should be able to recommend something.
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The pictures on this Zenni page won't load for me but they seem to be the same thing in a wider range of styles than that other link.
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My local optician offers this as an option when ordering ANY glasses. A tiny cylindrical magnet is embedded in the lens, in the outside upper corner. It's visible, but not conspicuous. The sunglass attachment sticks to these magnets. I think the cost was ~ $120. Looked pretty nifty, but quite fragile. I don't recall the name of the company that made it, and I'm not finding it online. If you stop into a few optician shops and ask, I'll bet you'll find something similar.
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My optician does this a lot of different types of glasses too. I have some like this (the cylindrical magnets that Corvid describes) that are Kliik brand, but yeah, I think you can get it with just about any glasses.
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Some frames can come with a matching magnetic clip-on, which will have magnets in the frame of the glasses and in the sunglasses -- these are called clip-ons on most eyeglass frame shopping sites. At least some of them are frameless and have magnets in the bridge, although usually the magnets are at the hinge points. I stopped wearing this style when the lab my optician uses started offering ChemClips, and I could put sunglasses on any frame I wanted.

Your local optician can order custom magnetic clipons when you order your glasses. The brand my optician uses is Chemistrie. This is the style that Corvid refers to. I don't find them fragile at all -- I've been wearing this style for at least a dozen years, and have had exactly one of the sunglass attachments break (the lab mix knocked them onto the front seat and sat on them). The magnets are in the upper outside corner of the glasses, and after a few days in the first pair, I don't notice them at all.
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Igreen has those magnetic sunglass clip ons, has vintagey frame styles, and comes in bright colors.
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JINS Eyewear is a Japanese brand that’s expanding into the US that carries these s
so take a look at their online shop.
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I use purple wayfarer-style glasses with magnetic clip-ons made by Takumi.
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