Pot-luck theme ideas?
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Got any pot-luck theme ideas?

I'm in charge of planning the monthly pot-luck menu for our small group from church. There are seven couples and each will bring an assigned thing. Therefore, I need ideas for dinner menus with seven "items" for lack of a better word- appetizer, main course, sides, beverages, dessert, etc.

So far I have Mexican: chips/salsa, soda, taco meat, shells/cheese, tomatoes/lettuce, sour cream, ice cream. Or maybe breakfast for dinner: juice, coffee cake, egg dish, meat dish, fruit, pancakes, butter/syrup.
Get the idea? Please help. I'm not feeling creative tonight and I need to assign things tomorrow morning. Muchas gracias.
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broth, cheese, veggies, meat, chocolate, fruit and, of course, some fondu pots
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We did a garlic potluck, everything had to have garlic. For dessert I made roasted garlic ice cream.
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How about "nothing vegan"
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Orange colored food!
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Yeah, colors are good. Try requiring red, white and blue in each dish; it works nicely for Americans and makes a neat-looking spread.
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Some friends of mine did an Iron Chef potluck, which basically meant requiring all the dishes to have a common ingredient. The host dressed up in a homemade Chairman Kaga costume, and opened the evening by biting into a pepper and grinning enigmatically. Then they gave prizes..

The ingredient they chose was "strawberry," which seemed to work pretty well in both the entrees and the deserts.
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How about a heritage potluck, where people must bring something made from a traditional recipe based on their family origins?

Mexican may not be a great theme, as some elderly people might find the food a little difficult to digest.
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Do foods around the world over the course of a year. Mexican, French, Scandinavian, German, African, Morroccan, Indian, Canadian, South American, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. Especially incorporate the nationalities in your group, or cooking specialties someone may have.
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For many years, a group of friends have been celebrating one of our birthdays with a theme potluck. Here are some I remember:

Blue food
Square food
Flaming food
Caveman food
Poisonous food (tomatoes, peanuts, mushroom, etc.)
Food that looks like other food
Aphrodisiac food
Molded food
Rotten food (blue cheese, 1000-year-old eggs, etc.)
Food you used to hate as a kid but love now (or vice versa)
Food of the 50s (when the guest of honor was born)
White trash food
Historic food

Next year we're going to try a theme that's really different: food that tastes good.
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Aw man, now I want to eat a lot of square things.
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