Which is the more elegant, less awkward phrasing:
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"ABC dedicates her performance to the late XYZ." or "ABC dedicates her performance to the memory of XYZ."
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I think "memory" is more conventional when XYZ is an indirect object of the sentence.
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I like “dedicates her performance in memory of”
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Much prefer the second.
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Response by poster: Then that's that. Thanks!
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Prefer memory of
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XYZ is dead and no longer gives a shit, so dedicating a performance to XYZ is pointless.

Dedicating it to the memory of XYZ, on the other hand, actually amounts to dedicating it to all those people who have memories of XYZ, for the purpose of honouring and strengthening those memories. Much better idea.

I dedicate this comment to the memory of my late mother, who was well known for caring about what words actually mean.
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