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Do you subscribe to Shudder? What are the best films you've seen on there? If you remember the film was foreign language with English subtitles please could you mention? Thanks!
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I had shudder for a while. It's cool. Here are some good ones:

Irreversible is not usually characterized as a horror movie, but it's more disturbing than most. (It's in French.)

Wake in Fright isn't traditional horror either, but it's excellent. (Australian English). (Content warning, Kangaroos were harmed in the making of this movie. They filmed a cull that was going to happen anyway, but it's still real kangaroo killing.)

A Field in England and Borgman are both good and weird.

I thought Devil's Pass was great, but I might be alone there.

The Ninth Configuration is more classic weird.

31 is a Shudder exclusive and, while it is probably Rob Zombie's worst movie, I enjoyed watching just for the character Doom Head, and I kind of want to watch it again.
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Oh yeah, I also think they have the whole Phantasm series, which is definetly worth watching if you're a horror fan.
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They have a lot of quality stuff, including Excision, which is one of the most fascinating horror movies (or just movies!) that I've seen in the last few years. Highly recommended.

We Are the Flesh is also really wild (maybe unsimulated sex, some very gross violence, general Satanic tomfoolery), and is in Spanish with English subtitles.
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I made this list for someone else (just last night, actually). I've put asterisks by the ones I haven't seen but plan to watch. Not knowing what kind of horror you like, it's hard to make specific recommendations, though (the horror I like tends to be more moody/weird/ghost-y rather than slasher/gore). I've noted the foreign ones.

(And "good" is maybe a matter of opinion for some of these -- I think they're all worth watching, even the ones I haven't seen.)

*A Field in England
*A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)
Alena (Swedish)
Assault on Precinct 13
*Battle Royale (Japanese)
*Belladonna of Sadness (animated, Japanese)
*Berberian Sound Studio
*Beyond the Black Rainbow
Butter on the Latch
*Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary
*Escape from Tomorrow
*Exorcist III
*Kuso (from musician Flying Lotus)
Let the Right One In (Swedish)
Night of the Living Dead
Phantasm: Remastered
Repo!: The Genetic Opera
*Seoul Station (animated/Korean)
*Testsuo I (Japanese)
The Devil’s Backbone (Spanish)
The Fades (a British TV series)
*The Fog
*The Happiness of the Katakuris (Japanese)
The Host (Korean)
*The Innkeepers
The Tingler
The Wicker Man
*Timecrimes (Spanish)
Troll Hunter (Norwegian)
*We Need to Talk About Kevin

I don't watch a ton on Shudder but it and Filmstruck (with the Criterion add-on) are my two favorite "boutique" services. I've watched a lot of stuff on Shudder I wouldn't have otherwise. (Things tend to come and go from there, though, but this list is as updated as I could make it.)
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To Darksong's excellent list I would add Trouble Every Day, which is in French and English with English subtitles, and The Descent. Probably the best movie on the whole service right now is David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, which is legit great but also a real downer. John Carpenter's The Fog is worth a look. Pulse (Japanese with English subtitles) is about ghosts in the internet; spooky as hell. Ms. 45 is a terrific rape-revenge movie (assuming you like that kind of thing) set in early 1980s NYC. [Rec] is in Spanish and terrifically scary. The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears is arty but excellent, not really frightening but more of a meditation on the visual tropes of Italian horror films of the 1970s. I like the low-budget Larry Cohen film Q: The Winged Serpent, which was partially shot on location at the top of the Chrysler Building in New York City. Violent Cop is an excellent crime drama from the great Japanese director Takeshi Kitano. The Lords of Salem is a harrowing addiction drama masquerading as a Rob Zombie horror film.

I mean, I keep scrolling and I keep seeing good movies. There's a lot of great stuff on Shudder right now and a lot of schlock and the best stuff is probably where those two categories meet -- but the sweet spot will vary based on your own personal taste.
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Thanks all. Looks like the US version might have a wider selection than the UK version, cos lots of these aren't on my Shudder :( Hopefully they will turn up at some point.
My tastes are definitely more weird/creepy than gore/torture if anyone else has any recommendations.
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If it’s weird/creepy you want, check out God Told Me To another Larry Cohen picture. The back half is perhaps a little cheesy, but it’s worth a look.
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