Icelandic pop song 1986
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Looking for the name of the Icelandic pop song that was so big in the summer of 1986, something about "never gonna stop singing in the key of g", only sung in Icelandic of course. NOT Bjork, guessing won't help as I can't seem to find any lists of top hits from that year. Bonus points if you can link me to it on Youtube or someplace.
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Do you mean a hit in Iceland, or other country? Because googlefu using America Top 40 1986 or Top Pop 1986 brought me to a large number of lists. This blog in particular lists by week. But US focused, and a hit in Iceland may not have made it to US radio play.
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Probably a song called Popplag í g dúr - at least via google translate that seems like the lyrics are very much like what you are describing.
Video link here. It seems like there are quite a few versions of the song though, so this may well be a more recent cover as the date in the video description suggests.
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That's the one multivalent, thanks!
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