ISO funny piece of writing about conversing while looking after toddler
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I'm looking for a funny thing I read online a while back - it was written as a dialogue of a parent trying to have adult conversations with a friend while looking after a toddler. I believe I read it about 6 months ago. Can't find it anywhere...searching for "conversations with toddler" and various permutations obviously throws up a lot of not-it. Does anyone remember?

It was written like, the adult was trying to have a deep conversation with a friend or give advice but would constantly interrupt herself to discipline her kid. Something like: "I think you should definitely break up with - PUT THAT DOWN. PUT IT DOWN RIGHT NOW OR I WILL COUNT. ONE...TWO... I'm so sorry sir, we'll pay for your coffee."

But funnier, obviously. I think it was written entirely as dialogue and the implication was that it took place in a cafe or restaurant.

I think it was on a humor website like McSweeney's or The Toast. If it was on The Toast I guess it's gone into the ether, but perhaps someone remembers it and can put me out of my misery. Thanks!
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not sure if this is it but it's a riot.
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Maybe this?
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Response by poster: Those are both funny! But it's neither one. Mefireader's link is closest, but the piece I am thinking of is lighter in tone.
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Could it be something from or adjacent to The Cursing Mommy's Book of Days by Ian Frazier?
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It was a running joke in the novel „Bridget Jones‘ Diary“. One of Bridget‘s friends is a potty training mum, and every time they‘re on the phone the friend says things like „...and then we could PUT THE POOP DOWN RIGHT NOW! So sorry, where was I I MEAN IT.“
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You sure it was text? It sounds like maybe one of MyLifeSuckers videos.
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Response by poster: All of these are close (I'm sure it's a common enough joke among parents)...but none of them are correct. It was definitely text, definitely on the internet. Ah well - thanks anyway! Perhaps I dreamed it...
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