IO Theater's Summer Intensive Program for Improv - worth it?
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I'm tryig to decide whether the five-week intensive program in Improv given at the IO Theater would be worthwhile. Anyone out there share any insight/excperience with it? I've been doing improv for about a year, taking weekly classes in Ottawa. I've been loving it.
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What do you expect the program to deliver? What are your goals?
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A Canadian friend of mine went to Chicago to take an IO intensive (I think a bit shorter, maybe 2 weeks?) and adored it.
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Not sure how closely related the programs are, but the owner of the Los Angeles branch (IO West) unceremoniously shut it down and the people I know in the local scene are melting down over it.

So, I’d try to reach out to someone in the program right now to make sure the LA problems aren’t spilling over to Chicago.
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