In search of a yoga studio in NYC that's doing a fun retreat this year!
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I'm looking for a great yoga retreat that's being done by a studio in NYC. I want to be able to visit the studio a few times beforehand and meet the teachers and other students. Any suggestions?

Last year, my yoga studio did a retreat to Greece and it was amazing. It was the perfect blend of structured activities and free time, in a beautiful location I'd never visited before. I'd love to do another one this year, but my studio isn't doing any that would work for me. Can anyone suggest a great retreat I can go on?

I don't need to be best friends with the people going, but it would help if I could go to the studio a few times and familiarize myself with the teaching style and teachers who are going. If I met a couple other people going, that would be great. So for that reason, I don't want to just google "cool yoga retreats!!!" I'd really really prefer a personal recommendation to a studio here in NYC.

Asia and Africa are probably out of my budget, but I could probably swing Europe or South/Central America.
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Mala Yoga on Court Street in Brooklyn does a retreat to Mexico each year!
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Response by poster: Thanks but their Mexico trip is sold out! Anyone else?
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I enjoyed Yoga Union very much when I was in New York. Looks like they're planning a retreat in Costa Rica in April! (on the homepage, they mention that the registration deadline has been extended through April 1st). Best of luck
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