Is there a WP or Squarespace site theme similar to this?
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I really like the design and functionality of Cory Doctorow's website -- -- and I'm wondering if anyone connected with web design might have seen something similar in an existing site theme?

I like the compactness of everything being right there on the front page, without an extensive navigation bar, etc.

Or is this totally a custom made creation? I'm guessing that's the case, but thought I'd ask.

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Best answer: If you view source to dig into any Wordpress site, you can find the "theme" directory, and the master stylesheet will always be named "style.css" and will have source information, which apparently is what is using. Here is Craphound's style.css. It's under a GNU license, which means you can copy it without hesitation. There are a bunch of other stylesheets involved (from jquery, colorbox, bootstrap), not to mention customized php template files, so making it all work right would take some effort.

Or you could e-mail Cory and ask if you can have a copy.
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Response by poster: Adamrice!

Thank you a bunch. Appreciate the thorough details and your time. ZP
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