Photo booths in the Greater Boston area?
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The photo booth at the Diesel Café is out of order. Are there other old-school photo booths in the Greater Boston (i.e., within T-able distance) area?

The Previous was from 2012; thought there might be some updates.
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Try Urban Outfitters.
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The one at Urban Outfitters is digital and puts out a less than nostalgic piece of paper. The term you're looking for is "dip and dunk." I have been keeping my eye on these booths for some time (since 1978, to be exact, when I got my first one at a small park in PA). As far as I know there is not one in the Boston area. Most of the ones you find online are retrofitted with digital technology/process/paper.

The last word in vintage photo booths is Tim Garrett's, where you can search by location. It looks like the closest (in state) is in Northampton at Thornes or in Salem (summer only). You may be able to find closer in RI or NH. The PRC should really try to acquire one and let some photo interns do maintenance (though at Diesel the issue was sourcing and/or re-creating parts). Beyond that, the search for an authentic chemical photo booth is well worth a trip out of the country, IMO.
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