3 days in Nashville - what are the must- sees?
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Gonna be there Monday to Wednesday next week

I'm gonna be in Nashville for 3 days next week (Monday to Wednesday probably). What are the things I absolutely must see in those short 3 days? I'm not really a country music fan but I do like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, etc.
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I would say do the tour at the Ryman that takes you to the dressing rooms and stuff and the country music hall of fame are both worth your time. If you pick one of those, i would do the Ryman.
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I recently passed through N'ville and walked up and down Music Row downtown. Robert's Western Wear (actually a restaurant) seemed pretty authentic "old" country; the burgers were killer.
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I haven't toured Nashville, just passed through, but I will admit that their Parthenon is kinda cool. It has an Athena!
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The Hermitage (home of President Andrew Jackson), Belle Meade Mansion, several sites of Civil War interest in the surrounding area. The Parthenon is outstanding. Walking around downtown Nashville is always great for people watching. Radnor Lake for some peace in nature.
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Took this tour a few years ago and it was excellent! I too like the older country sounds and this tour is heavy on historical aspects.

I also always recommend Biscuit Love if you are going to be in the neighborhood. Two Ten Jack and Jenny's for ice cream after are also winners.
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On a whim, I went to the Willie Nelson Museum, and was thoroughly delighted. The (considerable) gift shop, especially.

Everyone loves Willie.
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Cheekwood is a cool museum/grounds with a really lovely sculpture trail. Make sure to see the James Turell installation Blue Pesher.

The Frist is a good art museum; looks like a new show just opened too.

The San Antonio Taco Company (SATCO) is tasty and fun; a perfect place for a lazy afternoon lunch on a porch. After you've eaten take a relaxing walk around Vanderbilt which is just across the street from SATCO.

I agree with Tandem Affinity-- Biscuit Love is really a tasty place.
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Go anyway to the country music hall of fame and take the studio b tour.
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Tuesday nights are songwriters In the Round evenings at the Bluebird. If you get there early (think an hour or two before the show) and wait in line out front, you can hear an evening of some consistently incredible acoustic music for very little money. The Bluebird is where many of the best singer-songwriters and performers in music got their start. Alumni come back to perform, up & comers are vetted.

If you're lucky, a well-known artist might drop in to perform. This is a tiny venue and fortunately or unfortunately, Nashville featured it quite often. Expect competition for a seat/table.
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If you're a Nashville Hot Chicken person (or want to be), visit the original Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant, Prince's. Black-owned business, open for decades, and worth the wait! Hattie B's is not the original!
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When I visited, locals recommended the Opryland hotel for its free indoor gardens. It's several acres of greenhouse surrounding the hotel buildings with various shops and restaurants interspersed. It's obviously ersatz but I still enjoyed it and if the weather is bad and you want to be able to walk around "outdoors" it could be a good option. I went at night and it was pretty much deserted, it might be less pleasant with hordes of people.
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Things I really enjoyed when we were in Nashville in September:
Non-country music oriented:
  • Andrew Jackson's Hermitage
  • tour/tasting at Corsair craft distillery
  • family style breakfast at Monell's in Germantown
  • Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint
  • Hattie B's Chicken

    Country music oriented:
  • bar hopping on Broadway
  • Ryman backstage tour
  • Johnny Cash museum
  • Country Music Hall of Fame (so much to look at - plan on spending a full day if you go)

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    I'm from Nashville. I think the Parthenon is a must see.
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    I've done Nashville a couple of times; I'm a big fan of music (but not specifically country), art and history.
    • The Johnny Cash Museum was small and overpriced but if you want to check of the "something country" tourist box it's perfect. (I didn't do the Ryman tour, it's crazy expensive compared to my interest in country music, but I think it would also fit the bill.)
    • The Country Music Hall of Fame has some cool exhibits, but it's pretty large and will take a few hours to see, I wouldn't prioritize it unless they have an exhibit you're into (I was there to see the Bob Dylan exhibit which I think has closed).
    • I have a thing for state capitols, so walking around the Tennessee State Capitol building was cool, and free. See James Polk's grave before they dig him up!
    • Just down the road from there is the Tennessee State Museum, which is very interesting if you're a history buff, and also free. They have a bit of everything - natural history, art, furniture, state/political artifacts, etc.
    • The Parthenon was a sight to behold but the exhibit inside was underwhelming and not worth the time and money.
    • I didn't see the Frist, which is #1 on my list when I get back there.
    • If you're into vinyl and/or Jack White's whole vibe, it's worth a ride out to Third Man Records.

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    Seconding SATCO. Get the queso and some warm tortillas and enjoy!
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    When I went to the tn state museum in 2011 the history displays stopped in the 1940s and didn't cover much of civil rights.
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    Lifehacker just had Nashville in their "Best Tips for $CityName From Our Readers" series. Here. Might be worth a look.
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