Magazines similar to The New Yorker?
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The New Yorker is one of my favourite magazines. Are there any literary-artsy magazines similar to The New Yorker or that are based in New York City? I am looking for poetry, culture, books, stories, art, politics,and films.
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Harpers, Paris Review
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Seconding Harpers. I also love the New Yorker, and I like The Sun too. It doesn't really have reviews, it's more of a personal essay and fiction magazine, but there are some political issues touched on especially in the long-form interview they always do. As a whole tje writing is not as strong as The New Yorker, but it cam be really interesting in a unique way.
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Also, Los Angeles Review of Books
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The Believer, which started out as one of Dave Eggers's projects after Might folded

A Public Space, which was started by Brigid Hughes after she was unceremoniously dumped for basically no reason from The Paris Review
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Sorry, my mistake — I missed the portion of your question where you specified “New York based.” The Believer is now based in, I think, Las Vegas, but Public Space is based in Brooklyn.
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I'm pretty sure the Atlantic moved to NYC a few years ago.

If you look at the sidebar to Arts & Letters Daily, there is a long list of similar magazines.
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@kevinbelt, The Atlantic has a satellite office in NYC but is headquartered in DC. Their content otherwise checks all your boxes though!
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You might like Creative Nonfiction.
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N'thing Harper's; maybe also Monocle (they're international but have an NYC office).
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